A group of 17 well-dressed adults clusters together, smiling at the camera.
A white man on the left and a South Asian woman on the right smile at the camera. The woman is holding a certificate and and a medallion
Close up portrait of a woman with dark eyes and long, dark, straight hair.
A group of ten people aged in their mid-twenties, some sitting and some standing. They are dressed in business casual attire, gathered in a group and smiling at the camera.
Photo of Nabanita Nawar (left) and Pimyupa Manaswiyoungkul (right) inside their lab
Cartoon photo: Someone looking at an Excel graph on the computer. The speech bubble says "Oh that's how you use Excel"
Photo of Mercury Passive Air Sampler (MerPAS) in a forest
Cynthia Goh, a professor of physical chemistry in the Faculty of Arts & Science’s Department of Chemistry, and Department of Chemistry alumnus Darren Anderson of VIVE Crop Protection.
An image
Chris Caputo