Bob Morris celebrated in the latest issue of Can. J. Chem

February 9, 2021 by Dan Haves

The work of Professor Bob Morris is celebrated this month in the Canadian Journal of Chemistry. The special issue was guest edited by Professor Datong Song and honours more than 40 years of chemistry. 

"It is a great honour to have colleagues from Canada and around the world contribute original articles about Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis to this special issue dedicated to my career," says Morris. "I thank Professor Datong Song for being the Guest Editor for this issue."

Within the issue is an article co-authored by chemistry alumnus David Herbert (MSc '05).

"This particular study involved trying to pair strongly “accepting” benzannulated phenanthridines with strongly donating carbene units," says Herbert. "Professor Morris has done tons of great work over the years on related bidentate ligands containing carbenes, so we thought it might make a nice addition to a special issue."

"I really loved my time at U of T, in no small part because of getting to know the great folks there like Bob".