Financial Information


The Graduate Department of Chemistry provides a base funding package (base amount plus tuition and fees) for students in the funded cohort provided they maintain satisfactory progress toward completion of their degree.  Review the information provided by Faculty of Arts & Science and the School of Graduate Studies.  It includes how graduate funding works in research-stream programs.

For 2023-2024 academic year, the annual base financial support package is $28,900 plus tuition and incidental costs (subject to increase in 2024-2025). The base funding amount is not intended to capture additional awards students may secure throughout the year. The funding package may comprise a combination of U of T fellowship, Program Level Fellowship, scholarships including external awards (eg. NSERC, OGS, QEII), departmental fellowships, teaching assistant positions and research assistantship. Information for 2024-2025 will be posted sometime in July/August.

Whenever eligible, students must apply for available scholarships, bursaries, grants, awards, fellowships, etc. 

Funded cohort is defined as follows: 


  • Year 1 of MSc
  • Years 1 to 4 of PhD
  • Years 1 to 5 for direct-entry doctoral students
Funding $37,632 $37,114 $36,971
Less Tuition and Incidental Fees $8,732 $8,214 $8,071
Base-funding (ie. take-home) $28,900 $28,900 $28,900


Read additional information by:Faculty of Arts & Science
School of Graduate Studies

The University of Toronto provides financial support in most doctoral-stream programs.  Eligibility requires that you are in the funded cohort.


Program Level Fellowship (T4A income)

As part of the Faculty of Arts & Science's goal of enhancing the graduate student experience, they established dedicated pools of fellowship resources in each academic unit.   The funds is distributed to students in the funded cohort and do not require additional TA or RA work.  



Research Assistantship (T4A income)

RA is considered an apprenticeship opportunity, intended to facilitate development of the student's research skills.   These skills may include:  research, writing grant/scholarship applications, working as a member of a project team, designing and conducting experiments and other duties as required relevant to a graduate training.  This research allowance is not subject to any statutory deductions and vacation pay is not applicable.  



Teaching Assistantship (T4 income)

An important component of graduate student education is the opportunity to develop skills as a teaching assistant in preparation for an academic or professional career.  Students participate in these teaching programs alongside faculty members and our funding commitment is conditional on the student's willingness to accept teaching assignments.  If a student does not apply for and accept a teaching assistant position, a portion of the funding package will be forfeited.    Teaching Assistant contracts will be issued to students in September for the fall session (including full year courses) and in January for winter session courses.  See also Teaching Assistantship page.


Major external scholarships, some awards and fellowships are considered part of the funding package.  Whenever eligible, students are required to apply for these competitions.  Students in our department have been highly successful in the competitions and receive a higher level of support.  The external award replaces a portion of the base funding.  Students are required to disclose external awards that are paid directly to them.


External Award Funding including Domestic Fees
Ontario Graduate Scholarship $39,241 - 39,902
Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology $39,241 - 39,902
NSERC CGS Masters and PGS Doctoral $40,430 - 40,091
NSERC CGS Doctoral $45,151 - 45,812
NSERC Vanier $50,900
Connaught International Scholarship $47,870


Contact the Graduate Office for your personnel ID to log in to ESS
Missing/Lost Cheque
Students who would like to report a missing or lost cheque can complete the online Stop Payment Form (UTORid authentication required) under Online Forms.  If you encounter issues, submit a ticket using the 'Get Help' section.

Funding Source Payment Schedule
T4A External Award (NSERC, OGS, QEII, etc.) In equal instalments at the start of each session. Instalments after December will go towards outstanding balance.
T4A UofT Fellowship Tuition First instalment at the start of October; second instalment in January/February.
T4A UofT Fellowship Stipend In equal instalments at the start of each session. Instalments after December will go towards outstanding balance.
T4A Research Assistantship ~$800 from September to April and ~1800 from May to August; 28th of each month.For major scholarship holders, RA is paid out in 12 equal amounts.
T4 Teaching Assistantship In equal monthly instalments for the duration of the position; 28th of each month.

For students outside the funded cohort (applicable to second year Master's and sixth year doctoral students; fifth year for students in a 4-year program), the annual level of support is up to $25,900 plus tuition/incidental fees. Research assistantship is at the discretion of the supervisor.  Second year Master's students will receive a monthly pay equivalent to a funded cohort student up to 17th month of their registration, contingent on RA continuity and TAship.

MSc and PhD students are automatically enrolled in the University of Toronto Graduate Students (UTGSU) Health and Dental Plan. It is paid as part of your Graduate Student Union fee. If you can provide proof of equivalent coverage, you may be able to opt-out of, or your dependents into, this benefit.

Teaching assistants with a teaching appointment of 30 hours or more within the academic year receive additional coverage through CUPE3902.  Benefits include supplemental health and dental coverage, and healthcare spending account (HCSA).

In addition to health benefits administered by the Graduate Student Union and benefits acquired from teaching, international students' incidental fees include coverage under the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). Students with dependents are also covered.

Graduate students must upload the payroll documentation here in advance of receiving TA or RA payment.  Using a file naming convention of "LastName, FirstName_Payroll Forms", forward all necessary documents as a single PDF file (in the order provided below):


Graduate students receive TA and RA payments on a monthly basis. Payday is the 28th of each month, or the closest Friday if the 28th falls on a weekend. Access to the payroll system usually closes by mid-month for the processing of monthly pay. Therefore, documentation should be submitted by the 12th in order to guarantee payment for the current month (e.g., by March 12 to receive pay on March 28).


View your monthly payroll statements online.


Students must update the Chemistry Graduate Office via e-mail of any address changes to ensure receipt of their tax documentations.

Modifications on ACORN will not update contact information on the payroll system.