High School Admission Pre-requisites

To study chemistry, that is, to complete one of the several Programs of Study in chemistry, you must first apply for admission to the Faculty of Arts & Science in either the Physical and Mathematical Sciences or the Life Sciences admission categories.

Admission to either of these categories requires the completion of senior level high school courses in English and Calculus & Vectors. Additional high school course preparation, specific to each of the Programs of Study in chemistry, is also required and may include Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Our chemistry course offerings for first-year students are the following: CHM151Y (full-year), CHM135H (half-year) and CHM136H (half-year). Completion of either CHM151Y (highly recommended) or the combination of CHM135H and CHM136H is required to pursue any of the Programs of Study in Chemistry.

For information about course equivalencies of high school courses from other provinces and countries, please see the University of Toronto's Admissions and Awards web site.