Materials Science Specialist

The Materials Chemistry Program draws both on the basic sciences of chemistry and physics, and on the more applied areas such as metallurgy or ceramics. Courses dealing with these latter fields are offered through the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. This would be an appropriate program for students with career interests in solid state, polymer or composite materials industries, or for graduate work in either chemistry or materials science, with an appropriate choice of options.


Professor Dwight Seferos, Department of Chemistry, and Professor Mansoor Barati, Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Enrolment Requirements:

This is a limited enrolment program. Students must have completed 4.0 credits and meet the requirements listed below to enrol.

Completed courses (with minimum grades)
The following courses with the stated minimum grades are required:

• ( CHM135H1 and CHM136H1) (63% in each)/ CHM151Y1 (63%)

Completion Requirements:

(14.0 credits, including 1.0 credit from 400-level courses)

First Year:

  1. BIO120H1
  2. CHM151Y1 (strongly recommended)/ ( CHM135H1 and CHM136H1)
  3. MAT135H1 and MAT136H1)/ MAT137Y1/​ MAT157Y1
  4. MSE120H1

First or Second Year:

  1. BIO130H1/​ BIO220H1
  2. PHY131H1 and PHY132H1)/ ( PHY151H1 and PHY152H1)

Second Year and Higher Years:

  1. CHM220H1/​ CHM222H1/​ MSE202H1CHM223H1CHM238Y1CHM247H1/​ CHM249H1
  2. MSE219H1MSE318H1MSE335H1
  3. CHM327H1CHM338H1CHM343H1/​ CHM348H1CHM325H1/​ CHM355H1CHM434H1/​ CHM455H1CHM426H1/​ CHM457H1
  4. At least 1.5 credits from the following, of which 0.5 credit must be at the 400-level: MSE302H1MSE316H1MSE343H1CHM434H1/​ CHM455H1CHM446H1/​ CHM456H1CHM458H1MSE415H1MSE430H1MSE432H1MSE440H1MSE442H1MSE451H1MSE458H1MSE459H1MSE461H1
  5. CHM499Y1/​ ( MSE492H1MSE493H1)