Summer Research Application

Unique to the Department of Chemistry at University of Toronto we offer the Summer Research Program for domestic students registering in September.  The program is also open to international students registering in September who are in posession of a valid study permit for the months of May-August (inclusive).  The experience that a summer research fellow will gain from the program will tend to reduce time to obtain your degree and increase chances of producing publications in the near future. These publications are important for future scholarship applications and prospective career goals.  This will give a summer research fellow a chance to work for any Chemistry faculty member and still have the opportunity to work with a different thesis advisor in September.



Up to $8,000 for four months or $2,000/month (full-time hours) in funding is available to start research in the summer before the official start date in September. Incoming students must stay for at least twelve weeks of the summer (May 1-August 31). This fellowship cannot be combined with any other source of research funding (eg. NSERC USRA).


Students must have applied to our graduate program by the early deadline of February 1 and forwarded their School of Graduate Studies Acceptance Form by April 1 to the Chemistry Graduate Office to be eligible to enroll in the program.

International students must have a valid study permit for the months of May-August (inclusive).



To participate in the program, fill out the application as well as the payroll forms.

Using a file naming convention of "LastName, FirstName_SummerResearch2024", forward all necessary documents as a single PDF file (in the order provided below) and upload here by April 1.