Focus in Green Chemistry

The Focus in Green Chemistry provides students with the opportunity to emphasize green chemistry as part of any chemistry specialist or major program they are enrolled in. An understanding of green chemistry principles is integral to meeting several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs:, particularly those centered around affordable energy, climate action, clean water and sanitation, responsible consumption and production, and good well-being. As such, green chemistry broadly concerns the design and redesign of products and processes to reduce their impact on human health and the environment. This focus will be attractive to students who wish to combine courses that cover principles of toxicology, reaction metrics, safer chemicals/solvents, pollution prevention/recycling, catalysis, and energy efficiency.

Enrolment Requirements:

Enrolment in one of the following programs is required:

  • Chemistry Major (Focus ASFOC1376A)
  • Chemistry Specialist (Focus ASFOC1376B)
  • Biological Chemistry Specialist (Focus ASFOC1995A)
  • Synthetic & Catalytic Chemistry Specialist (Focus ASFOC1377A)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist (Focus ASFOC1211A)
  • Chemical Physics Specialist (Focus ASFOC0600A)
  • Materials Science Specialist (Focus ASFOC2424A)
  • Environmental Chemistry Major (Focus ASFOC2543A)

Completion Requirements:

(2.5 credits)

  1. CHM135H1CHM136H1)/ CHM151Y1
  2. CHM249H1
  3. CHM310H1CHM343H1



This page was updated on July 5, 2023.  Please consult the Arts & Science Academic Calender for the most up-to-date program requirements.