Chemistry Teaching Fellowship Program Projects

The Chemistry Teaching Fellowship Program provides financial incentives and opportunities to develop specific teaching initiatives, under the supervision of a faculty member.  The objective is to provide a high quality learning experience in developing pedagogical tools that would benefit both the graduate student in their future careers and directly enhance the quality of instruction currently in the department.  Additional activities will include participation in the TATP where participants develop their teaching philosophy statements.  Participation in CTFP will generally be for one term.  The call for proposals is sent out in April and June of each year.

Our Students' Experience

Head shot of a smiling Asian man in his twenties standing in front of a yellow wall.About Shine's Project:

My Fall 2023 CTFP was on the Development of Complex Spectroscopy Problems for CHM 247H. I worked alongside Prof. Andy Dicks to produce a bank of spectroscopy questions for 2nd year organic chemistry tutorials, problem sets, and tests. These spectroscopy questions were designed to be challenging with an emphasis on creative and unique applications of the tested material.







A white woman with shoulder-length golden-brown hair and glasses smiles at the camera.About Sofia's Project

My CTFP was on Creating Writing Exemplars for WIT Components of Introductory Organic Laboratories.  This project involved creating writing resources for first and second year undergraduate students in CHM151Y and CHM249H.  With the help of Dr. Barb Morra and Dr. Andy Dicks, we developed writing exemplars that thoroughly demonstrate what university-level writing looks like in Chemistry, which will hopefully serve as a useful starting point for students writing lab reports for the first time.