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Research Associate, Aspuru-Guzik Group
Laboratory Technician
Craftsperson, Mechatronic Services
Stores Technician III
Facility Manager, CSICOMP NMR Facility
Laboratory Technician
Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer
Reception/Administrative Assistant
Facility Instruments Technician
Research Associate, Thompson Group
Communications Officer
Research Associate, Brumer Group
Laboratory Technician
Research Group Coordinator, Aspuru-Guzik Group
Chief Administrative Officer & Director of Operations
Facility Manager, AIMS Mass Spectrometry Facility
Manager, Mechatronic Services
Research Associate, Goh Group
Senior Research Associate, CNI Facility
Research Associate, Miller Group
Craftsperson, Mechatronic Services
Research Associate, Miller Group
Senior Research Associate, Woolley Group
Senior Research Associate, Walker Group
Accounting/Purchasing Assistant
Research Associate, Winnik Group
Senior Research Associate, Goh Group
Facility Manager, X-ray Crystallography Facility
Senior Research Associate, Miller Group
Manager, Chem-Labs Technical Support and Supplies
Facility Manager, Analest Facility
Manager & Executive Assistant to the Chair
Grants & Financial Officer
Manager, Finance and HR Administration
Research Group Administrative Assistant, Wheeler Group
Senior Research Associate, Aspuru-Guzik Group
Research Associate, Peng Group
Research Group Administrative Assistant, Aspuru-Guzik Group
Undergraduate Counselor
Applications and Systems Software Programmer
Senior Research Associate, Goh Group
System Software Programmer
Research Associate, Walker Group
Executive Assistant, Aspuru-Guzik Group