Message from the Associate Chair

As you read about our Department on this website we hope you will see why we believe we are one of the best in the world to pursue your interests in graduate study: our faculties are world-leaders and research offerings are made in a rich array of ever-evolving sub-disciplines (physical, organic, biological, materials, inorganic, theoretical, analytical, environmental and nanochemistry). Research is conducted using state-of-the-art instrumentation housed in laboratories that have been either newly built or renovated at a total cost of $35 million over the past few years. The UTM campus is also adding a state-of-the-art research building housing a new Center for Medicinal Chemistry and over 90 fume hoods, while the UTSC campus has recently added an Environmental Science & Chemistry Building. As a tri-campus graduate department, you can join a lab at UTSc (Scarborough), UTM (Mississauga) or St. George (downtown) campus.

We offer both masters and doctoral degree programs. Financial support at a level of at least $35,000 per year is given to every graduate student in good academic standing. We value international students in our Department and provide a $2,000 reimbursement for travel expenses to international students relocating to Canada who accept our offer and subsequently register as a student at the University. We also offer some travel allowance for domestic applicants relocating from outside of Ontario.  Make sure to check our application deadlines.

During your studies, both our Graduate Department and the School of Graduate Studies offer a variety of professional development initiatives to prepare you for life after graduate school. We strongly support our students in enhancing their academic, research and professional life, leaving graduate school with self-assurance and prepared for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Outside research and academia, our students enjoy downtime by exploring our vibrant city of Toronto and connecting with other graduate students at events organized by our very active ChemClub. You can also get involved with our student-run organizations, Working Towards Inclusivity in Chemistry in Toronto (WICTO) and Green Chemistry Initiative.

Prof. Mark Taylor is available for virtual appointments.  Book an appointment through the calendar here

Please do not hesitate to contact the Chemistry Graduate Office if you have any questions.


Mark Taylor