Respect and Safety

The University of Toronto strives to ensure students have a workplace that is physically and emotionally safe, where they can focus on their studies and research without having to worry about harassment or discrimination.   It is essential to be aware of the several resources available across the university and its workplace harassment policy.  Students who experience discrimination or harassment and would like support are encouraged to reach to our staff in our Equity Offices and/or contact the Graduate Studies Associate Chair and/or the Graduate Program Advisor.  Discussions will be kept in the strictest confidentiality.

Equity Offices also provide links to:

  • Accessibility
  • Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office
  • Family Care Office
  • Office of Indigenous Initiatives
  • Sexual and Gender Diversity Office
  • Community Safe Office
  • Indigenous Student Services/First Nations House
  • Health and Well Being Servcies & Programs
  • Multi-Faith Centre
  • Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Centre
  • UTM and UTSC Equity and Diversity Offices

UofT's Student Complaint website for:

  • complaints about prohibited discrimination
  • general complaints - students services
  • complaints about student groups
  • complaints about student societies
  • office of the ombudsperson

Other related information from SGS, policies on but not limited to:

  • Code of Student Conduct
  • Ethical Conduct in Research
  • Academic Integrity
  • Research Misconduct
  • Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment


Stay Informed & Get Involved


Reporting Incidents in Chemistry

If you have an incident you need to report you can find out more information here