About our Undergraduate Studies

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and to the wealth of knowledge and research opportunities that lie herein! We invite and encourage you to take our courses, enroll in one of our eleven undergraduate programs, carry out cutting-edge research, and enter the diverse and fascinating world of chemistry.

We implore you to interrogate both the science of chemistry and our instructional staff as much as possible. We are here to both challenge and be challenged, with the overall goal of delivering the highest standard of teaching that we can. As the “central science”, Chemistry is a fabulously exciting area of inquiry with direct impacts on the quality of our daily lives and the world around us.

We encourage you to stop by our Undergraduate Office in the Lash Miller Building (80 St. George Street, room LM 151) for more information. We are here to make your time in Chemistry both stimulating and rewarding, and wish you all the best with your journey.