The Graduate Department of Chemistry provides a minimum funding package (minimum "take-home" amount plus tuition and fees) for students in the funded cohort provided they maintain satisfactory progress toward completion of their degree. Stipends are combination of teaching assistantship, research assistantship, external scholarships and/or University of Toronto Fellowship support.

Funded cohort is defined as follows: 

  • Year 1 of MSc
  • Years 1 to 4 of PhD
  • Years 1 to 5 for direct-entry doctoral students

Funding resources beyond these years will be limited to a combination of completion awards, research and/or teaching assistantships. 

Stipends are subject to change in a given academic year. See current annual stipend rates and information about financial support.  To learn more about how graduate funding works in research stream programs, peruse the Faculty of Arts & Science and the School of Graduate Studies websites. 



Students pay their own tuition and fees from their stipend.  See current tuition fee and refund schedules.


Scholarships Available for International Students

Connaught International Scholarship* (must have accepted the offer of admission to be considered for a nomination in February)
UTM International PhD Scholarship Program
Ghana Scholarship Secretariat
International Scholarship Opportunities for Non-Canadians
Latin American Scholarship Programs
MITACS Globalink Research Internship
Scholars and Students at Risk Award Program
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship* (must have accepted the offer of admission to be considered for a nomination in August)
Scholars at Risk Fellowship

Scholarships Available for Domestic Students 

C. David Naylor University Fellowship*
Canadian Institute of Health Research*
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council**
Ontario Graduate Scholarship*
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship*

*To be considered for a nomination, student must have received an offer of admission by Department of Chemistry.  

**Domestic applicants who plan to apply for the NSERC CGS-M must make sure to apply by December 1; a nationwide deadline by NSERC.  

Contact our Chemistry Graduate Office to learn more about this funding opportunity and for assistance with your application.