Focus in Practical Chemical Analysis

Consult Professor D. Stone, Department of Chemistry.

The Focus in Practical Chemical Analysis provides students with the opportunity to emphasize chemical detection, identification, and measurement in a laboratory setting as part of any chemistry specialist or major program they are enrolled in. Having experience with and an understanding of methods for chemical analysis is of considerable value for both potential employers and students pursuing postgraduate research. Chemical analysis has wide application in fields as diverse as alternative energy and storage solutions; clinical medicine and research; drinking water quality and regulatory compliance; environmental monitoring and remediation; food quality and safety; pharmaceutical development, testing, and quality assurance; and product manufacturing and quality control.

Enrolment Requirements:

Enrolment in one of the following programs is required:

  • Chemistry Specialist - ASSPE1376 (Focus Code: ASFOC1376D)
  • Biological Chemistry Specialist - ASSPE1995 (Focus Code: ASFOC1995B)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist - ASSPE1211 (Focus Code: ASFOC1211B)
  • Materials Science Specialist - ASSPE2424 (Focus Code: ASFOC2424B)
  • Synthetic & Catalytic Chemistry Specialist - ASSPE1377 (Focus Code: ASFOC1377B)
  • Chemical Physics Specialist - ASSPE0600 (Focus Code: ASFOC0600B)
  • Chemistry Major - ASMAJ1376 (Focus Code: ASFOC1376C)
  • Environmental Chemistry Major - ASMAJ2543 (Focus Code: ASFOC2543C)

Completion Requirements:

Completion of the Focus in Practical Chemical Analysis requires the following 2.5 credits:

  1. CHM217H1
  2. CHM317H1 (students in ASSPE1211 may use PHC340Y1)
  3. Additional courses to a total of 2.5 credits from: CHM338H1CHM343H1CHM379H1CHM410H1, and CHM441H1CHM395Y1 or CHM499Y1 may be used to fulfil this requirement with the permission of the department.


This page was updated on June 13, 2024.  Please consult the Arts & Science Academic Calender for the most up-to-date program requirements.