If the B.Sc. program that appeals to you includes several chemistry courses at the second and higher years, then CHM 151Y is the course in which you should enroll. It will fulfill the first year chemistry requirement for other programs and for admission to other faculties.

The five specialist programs that the Chemistry Department sponsors, and for which a substantial number of chemistry courses are needed, are: Chemistry, Chemical Physics, Materials Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Synthetic and Catalytic Chemistry. It is also possible to enroll in a Chemistry major program, a Chemistry minor program, an Environmental Chemistry minor program and a Nanoscience minor program (involving studies at the National University of Singapore). You will find a complete list of programs that lead to a Hons. B.Sc. degree in the Faculty of Arts and Science calendar.

Please note that although the Biological Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry programs are listed in the Life Sciences admission category, it is strongly recommended that students interested in these programs enroll in CH 151Y.

Students who enrol in CHM151Y must take the first year MAT course as a co-requisite.

The combination of CHM135H and CHM136H is recommended for students who intend to take many of the biologically-oriented programs in Life or Health Sciences (e.g. Human Biology, Immunology, Pharmacology, etc.) which do not require a large amount of chemistry. These courses may be taken in any order, but not in the same session.

The high school course pre-requisites to CHM151Y, CHM135H, and CHM136H are Grade 12 Chemistry and Grade 12 Math, more specifically listed on the chart under the Course Comparison section.

Yes, but you are advised to consult with the undergraduate counsellor. Both the combination CHM(135H + 136H) and CHM 151Y are acceptable pre-requisites for second and later year Chemistry courses. The Department strongly encourages potential specialist and major students to take CHM 151Y, but a good performance in CHM (135H + 136H) will certainly provide adequate preparation for later year courses.

Courses start their labs and tutorials at different times. Start dates are normally indicated in the Arts and Science Registration Handbook and Timetable. If that information is not on the timetable, it will be available in the handout distributed during the first lecture session. Some courses may publish the start date on their website, or Blackboard, if there is one for the course.

Textbooks are available in the UofT Bookstore where a list of the course textbooks are available to students. You may also check the Bookstore's website, or the Chemistry web site at to find the link to the course.