Admission Requirements and Application Process

Admission Requirements

The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist Program is a limited-enrolment POSt (Program of Study) that can accommodate a maximum of 40 students per academic year. Eligibility will be based on a student’s marks in the required courses. The precise mark thresholds outlined below are an estimate of what will be required in the coming POSt admission cycle. Achieving those marks does not necessarily guarantee admission to the POSt in any given year.

Admission Procedure

Prospective students wishing to apply for admission to the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist program must first be enrolled as University of Toronto students. There are several admission categories available i.e., first-time student, transfer student, non-degree student, etc. Please refer to the University of Toronto’s Admissions website for more information about enrolling in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Once admitted, students must have or be in the process taking the following pre-requisites when applying to the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist program, as numeric grade (not credit/no credit) courses:

Physics Pre-requisites Chemistry Pre-requisites Biology Pre-requisites

PHY131H1 and PHY132H1 – Introduction to Physics


PHY151H1 and PHY152H1 – Foundations of Physics

CHM136H1/CHM138H1 – Introductory Organic Chemistry I


CHM135H1/CHM139H1 – Chemistry: Physical Principles


CHM151Y1 – Chemistry: The Molecular Science

BIO120H1 – Adaptation and Biodiversity


BIO130H1 – Molecular and Cell Biology

with an average of at least 70% in these 3.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs) and a final mark of at least 60% in each course. Final grades in the required courses in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry program will also be considered.

University of Toronto students can apply through ACORN in the spring during the first and second request periods after completing (or being close to completing) the first or second year of courses listed in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist program. Students from other subject POSts who would like to change programs will go through the same process.