Kristine Quinlan promoted to Associate Professor

June 14, 2023 by Mayuri Punithan - Department of Chemistry

Kristine Quinlan has been promoted to Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, effective July 1st, 2023. She joined the University of Toronto’s Department of Chemistry in 2004. 

Professor Quinlan has been highly praised for her devotion to student success. She is an excellent educator, with contributions in teaching pedagogy and chemical education, and outreach. Professor Quinlan teaches and coordinates the lectures and labs for our large introductory first-year chemistry courses, CHM135H (Chemistry: Physical Principles) and CHM136H (Introductory to Organic Chemistry). As well, she has transformed the chemistry curriculum by designing new experiments for both courses. Notably, Professor Quinlan played a major role in successfully pivoting the large first-year courses from in-person to online instruction in response to COVID-19.

I have taught over 20 000 students at U of T, a number that I find both inspiring and humbling. I feel fortunate to play a role in students’ transition to university and to collaborate with my fantastic colleagues.

- Professor Quinlan on her promotion

Her investment into teaching goes beyond the classroom boundaries,  as she has led or been involved in a wide range of innovative initiatives to support student learning and success. She was the faculty lead in developing U of T’s Arrive Ready program. This program delivers online math and chemistry review activities for incoming first-year students to refresh their understanding of foundational high-school mathematics and chemistry topics. These study skills workshops support metacognitive engagement with course material and the development of improved problem-solving skills. Her commitment extends beyond the University of Toronto- as a member of the Canadian Consortium for Science Equity Scholars, she is committed to improving student sense of belonging in the classroom. With research interests in active learning classroom teaching strategies, student learning skills support, teaching assistant training, and outreach events, Professor Quinlan continues to improve the undergraduate student experience.

Her leadership in improving the first-year student experience and outreach has earned her the Department of Chemistry Chair’s Distinguished Teaching Award (2020) and the Faculty of Arts and Science Dean’s Excellence Award (2019-2020). With this promotion, Professor Quinlan will continue to enhance the learning experience for hundreds of U of T students.