Undergraduates star at Pueblo Science Hackathon

September 30, 2020 by Chemistry at U of T

Pueblo Science Hackathon for Science Education took place over four full days during two weekends in September. Among the 96 participants were a number of Chemistry undergraduate students, working hard to create science education modules for low resource communities.

The topic this year was sustainability and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. There were 10 students from CHM 327H (Experimental Physical Chemistry, coordinated by Cynthia Goh) taking part: one team including Henry Lai, Leo Yan, Andy Wang, Savannah Kim and Manami Kondo won a prize for: "Asymptomatic Disease Transmission Demonstration via Acid-Base Chemistry". Henry, Leo and Andy are in the Materials Science specialist program: congratulations to them and to Anji Zhang (Chemistry specialist program), who was instrumental in helping to organize the event.