Undergraduate summer research poster winners announced

August 25, 2022 by Dan Haves

After two years of hosting online, the Department of Chemistry was pleased to be able to host the annual undergraduate summer research posters in-person last week.

29 posters were on display in physical, environmental, materials/polymers, inorganic, organic, biological, analytical and computational chemistry.

The following six undergraduates will receive recognition in the form of prize money from the ChemClub for the exceptional quality of their research and poster presentations last week:

  • Matthew Advani (working with Hui Peng)
  • Samantha Chan (Sophie Rousseaux)
  • Eun Seo Choi (Mark Lautens)
  • Zoe Golay (Jamie Donaldson)
  • Lucia Huang (Mark Taylor)
  • Nuro Khasanzoda (Datong Song)

Many congratulations to each of the 29 students who participated in the first in-person summer poster session for three years, and well done to the faculty, graduate students and post-docs who acted as judges.