Ozin and Stephan featured in ChemComm 60th anniversary celebrations

March 21, 2024 by Alyx Dellamonica

Important articles by two Department of Chemistry professors are among those featured in celebratory 60th anniversary editions of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) publication, Chemical Communications

Professor Geoffrey Ozin’s 2005 paper Synthetic self-propelled nanorotors is one of the chosen articles for a Historic Papers from North America ChemComm collection, which highlights pioneering historic papers published over the six decade history of the journal. The Ozin article describes the preparation of self-powered and completely synthetic nanorotors from barcoded gold–nickel nanorods. 

"Following publication of our pioneering 2004 Chemical Communications paper on chemically powered nanomotors, a nanoscale device for converting chemical energy into movement, I tried to excite a student about advancing our understanding of the science underpinning our breakthrough," said Ozin. "The student asked, 'How can I build a career around nanomotors?' Twenty years later, research on nanomotors is a vibrant global field yielding innovative technologies from drug delivery to environmental remediation."

The significance of the selected articles lies in their innovative approaches to problems and histories of being extensively cited since publication. In the notes about this anniversary collection, the RSC site celebrates ChemComm as one of the most trusted venues for rapid publication of short communications. “In our anniversary year, we recognise the important contributions ChemComm has made, and continues to make, in advancing the chemical sciences.” 

This historic papers collection will not be the RSC's only tie in to the anniversary. Also launching is a board member collection, with articles highlighted through 2024. One of the pieces featured will be Professor Doug Stephan’s Stannyl phosphaketene as a synthon for phosphorus analogues of β-lactams

"I am happy to have our work highlighted in the Board members' collection. Its a wonderful way to help celebrate the 60 years of the journal and to give some well deserved recognition to my students and collaborators," said Stephan. 

As another component of the celebration the RSC is planning a dedicated authors collection later in the year. The initial submission deadline for this third offering, whose articles will require peer review, will occur at the end of June.  

A banner celebrating the 60th anniversary of the journal Chemical Communications