Oleksandr Voznyy's Clean Energy Lab receives Canada Foundation for Innovation funding

September 6, 2019 by Rahul Kalvapalle

Professor Oleksandr Voznyy is one of 32 U of T faculty members who are sharing $9.1 million in federal funding via the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s John R. Evans Leaders Fund.

The fund, named for U of T President Emeritus John R. Evans, aims to support researchers' infrastructure and equipment needs.

At U of T Scarborough, Voznyy is focusing his efforts on developing next-generation technologies for low-cost, large-scale storage of renewable energy.

Voznyy’s funding will support his Clean Energy Lab’s high-throughput design, synthesis and testing of novel materials that could facilitate an affordable transition towards cleaner energy.

“It was recently calculated that the cost of energy storage needs to go down by 10 times in order for us to be able to completely switch to renewable energy,” says Voznyy, an assistant professor of chemistry in the department of physical and environmental sciences.

His lab incorporates machine learning to optimize experimental design, allowing for on-the-fly learning with fewer experiments.

“Machine learning is making the high-throughput smarter, and not just by brute-forcing it,” says Voznyy.

“Really, it’s like high-throughput on steroids.”

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