Dwight Seferos: From macromolecules to novel materials

July 31, 2020 by Dan Haves

Professor Dwight Seferos is featured this month by the Chemical Institute of Canada with a focus on his work with materials that conduct and store electricity. In this area of research, Seferos is interested in replacing well-established materials with alternatives that are cheaper and more sustainable. 

“Electronics recycling is messy and battery recycling is nowhere near where it needs to be,” says Seferos. “The hope is to design a replacement to be used in these processes, something that would make it possible to recycle these materials for less of an environmental impact.”

Earlier this year, Seferos won the 2020 Macromolecular Science and Engineering Award, an honour recognized by the Chemical Institute of Canada and presented to a researcher working in Canada who has made a distinguished contribution to macromolecular science or engineering. 

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