Alumni Spotlight: Nadine Borduas-Dedekind (PhD, 2015)

July 10, 2020 by Dan Haves

Nadine Borduas-Dedekind (PhD, 2015) is featured this week in Chemistry World where she describes her latest work in atmospheric chemistry. Borduas-Dedekind, a founder of the Green Chemistry Initiative and former president of ChemClub, completed her PhD under Professors Jonathan Abbatt and Jennifer Murphy, studying organic nitrogen molecules in the atmosphere. 

She is currently leading an atmospheric chemistry group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, but will take up an assistant professorship at the University of British Columbia next year.

Her work in ice nucleation looks at the convergence of fire and ice. Forest fires create particulates that can cause droplets in clouds to super-cool to below water’s freezing point. Borduas-Dedekind's research in tracing that journey from fire to ice will play an important role in understanding the earth's energy balance.

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