Health and Safety Committee

Joint Health and Safety Committee 2023-2024

Name Room # Phone Email
Yacine Merabtine 20 978-3570
Darcy Burns, Co-chair 14 978-0448
Grace Flock 154 946-7216
Lisa Ngo 152 978-3566
Anna Bravakis 104A 946-3812
Kania Prahasto 154
Craig Diegel   946-0456
Geoff Shirtliff-Hinds   978-4335
Ron Kluger DB444 978-3582
Christine Weidner   978-8321
Datong Song DB343 978-7014
Abdullah Parekh
John Ford 53 978-3584


In addition to the obligations of a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee as specified in the Act, the committee provides a confidential forum for students/staff/post-docs/research associates/visitors to discuss health and safety concerns. The Committee meets at least four times a year and copies of minutes are kept on file with the co-chairs.

The workplace is inspected twice a year and if safety violations are found, a notice is forwarded to the responsible researcher. Violations must be corrected within a two-week period. The Committee also investigates and reports on all accidents in the department.