Designated Substances

The are eleven chemicals the Ministry of Labour has classified as Designated Substances. They are lead compounds, mercury compounds, asbestos, benzene, vinyl chlorides, acrylonitrile, silica, coke oven emissions, ethylene oxide, isocyanates and construction related asbestos. Each substance requires special storage and handling. The Department has done a study on all designated substances used in our labs. The report has been forwarded to each Researcher. Before using one of these substances, the report should be reviewed, and all precautions taken when handling, storing, and disposing these substances.


Chemical Spills

In case of a spill, the first thing done is evacuting everyone from the immediate vicinity. Then determine what must be done. There are four types of spills that could occur, and it is your responsibility to determine the type of spill.

It could be: 

  • large and toxic
  • small and toxic 
  • large and non-toxic 
  • small and non-toxic

In the first three situations, you MUST call 978-7000 and then inform someone on the Joint Health and Safety Committee. You may decide to clean up the last type of spill. If not, call 978-7000.


Specialty Labs

There are labs in our Department used for specific purposes. We have a Cold Lab Room 605, a Radioisotope Lab Room 28 and an Explosion Lab. The temperature in the Cold Lab is four degrees celcius. There are specific procedures for each lab. The keys to the Cold Lab and Explosion Lab can only be obtained from the ChemStore Manager in Room 20. The procedures to be followed will be reviewed with any potential user. In order to use the Radioisotope Lab, you must attend the course given by Radiation Protection Services. See the Chemstore Manager in Room 20 to register for the next scheduled course.