Course Holding List

Application to Enrol in Undergraduate Courses with PE enrolment controls


This is not a ROSI Waiting List

OPEN AUGUST 9-19, 2019


The Chemistry Department holding list serves to collect required information from students who are, for various reasons, unable to enrol in a restricted chemistry course. This departmental holding list is not the ROSI waiting list. Since students are not ranked on a chronological basis, this is a .holding' list, rather than a waiting list. Program and pre-requisites will determine if permission to enrol may be granted; however, the instructor reserves the right to apply additional criteria.

To request enrolment in courses that require the permission of the Department, please complete the on-line application form (link below).

Students on the Holding List

The holding list is offered for students who do not satisfy priority controls and/or who may need departmental permission to enrol. Only PE and E type courses can be added to the holding list. The ROSI waiting list must be used to enrol in all other courses that have filled to capacity.

A student who joins a holding list will remain on the list until he/she is enrolled, or until the last date to enrol . whichever occurs first. Only students who are given permission to enrol will be contacted. Students will NOT be notified if permission cannot be granted.

Email Contact

Correspondence will be sent by email only to addresses ending in Students are strongly advised NOT to have their account forwarded or redirected to addresses on other systems like hotmail, yahoo or gmail in order to avoid the possibility of messages being delayed or rejected.

Application Form

Have the following information ready before you begin filling out the application form:

  1. active programs; enter the program title, not the code.
  2. final marks in pre-requisite courses. If those are transfer credit courses, enter the UofT course code equivalent and the marks obtained in the previous institution.