Historical Dates


Historical event

1843 ______

Henry Croft arrives from England as first Professor of Chemistry at U of T. The Chemical Laboratory (Department) was in the west end of the provincial legislative buildings located on Front Street between Simcoe and John Streets.

1859 ______

University College opened, including the "Croft Chapter House", which became the site of the Chemical Laboratory.

1878 ______

The Chemical offices in UC and the "Roundhouse" (i.e. the Croft Chapter House were moved to the newly constructed SPS (School of Practical Science) building. It was on King's College Circle where the Medical Building is now located.

1880 ______

Assistants to the Professor of Chemistry were appointed for the first time, variously named Fellows or Demonstrators. or Lecturers (1893).

1892 ______

Lash Miller obtained his second Ph.D. degree at Leipzig, studying with Ostwald during two summers, while a Demonstrator at the U of T beginning in 1891.

1894 ______

The Old Chemistry Building on King's College Road, now the site of the Metallurgy Building was completed. It was torn down about 1964.William Pike was the Professor and Head of the Department, Lash Miller was the sole Lecturer, and there was one Demonstrator.

1948 ______

The Wallberg Building on College Street between Kings College Road and St. George St. was built. Chemistry occupied the eastern part of the Building. A.R (Andy) Gordon was Head at the time.

1963 ______

The Chemistry Department moved from the Wallberg Building to the Lash Miiler Laboratories. D. J. (Don) LeRoy was the first Chairman of the department at this time.

2000 ______

The Davenport Chemical Research Building was completed and various research groups moved in. David Farrar was Chairman at that time.

2009 ______

Newly re-designed Departmental website launched.

2017 ______

Major Infrastructure in the Lash-Miller Building. The Chemistry component includes major upgrades to the LM air handling and electrical systems.