Dr. Amanda E. Hargrove, appointed Professor in Medicinal Chemistry at UTM

November 16, 2023 by Lindsay Schoenbohm

Amanda E. Hargrove will be joining the Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences (CPS) on the Mississauga campus on July 1, 2024, as a Professor in Medicinal Chemistry.

Dr. Hargrove graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a PhD in Chemistry in 2010. After an NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow at Caltech, she moved to Duke as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry in 2013. She was promoted to Associate Professor of Chemistry in 2020 and promoted to Professor in 2023. Her research is focused on harnessing small molecules to probe the structure, function, and therapeutic potential of RNA, in order to target viral infections and metastatic cancer. She has been awarded the Prostate Cancer Young Investigator Award (2015), the Research Science Corporation of America Cottrell Scholar Awards (2017), an NSF CAREER Award (2018), the ChemComm Emerging Investigator Lectureship (2018), the RSC Medicinal Chemistry Emerging Investigator Lectureship (2019), a Sloan Research Fellowship (2020), the Langford Lectureship at Duke (2021) the Pedersen Prize in Supramolecular Chemistry (2021), the American Chemical Society Women Chemists Committee Rising Star Award (2021) and the Kavli Fellowship (2022). She emphasizes evidence-based teaching methods and equitable practices in her classroom teaching, including active learning, team-based learning, and grant-supported undergraduate research experiences. She is also a founding member of her departmental EDI committee and has been chair since 2017, which, under her leadership, has improved graduate recruitment, held “chemconnnects” lectures on research and advocacy, and initiated a department climate survey. She holds Cotrell and CAREER awards for her research into intervention in low retention of students from underrepresented groups in Chemistry. She also holds a RCSA grant on moving the dial for improving STEM department culture.

Please extend a warm welcome to Dr. Hargrove as she joins our faculty!