Celebrating Chemistry's 2024 Postdoctoral Fellowship Awardees 

April 1, 2024 by Alyx Dellamonica

Four chemistry students have been awarded 2024 Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards this spring from the Faculty of Arts & Science. 

A&S Postdoctoral Fellowships are designed to provide outstanding recent doctoral students advanced training in their field of study. These fellowships are not discipline specific, but rather can be held in any UofT department or research unit within A&S.  Applications are due in the fall, with a December deadline, and the duration of the award is for a maximum of two years. 

We asked the 2024 fellowship recipients to tell us about their application process, what the fellowships might mean to them personally, as well as the implications for their research. Here’s what they shared: 

Miguel Albaladejo-Siguan - Wilson Group 

I am, above all, very thankful to receive this PD Fellowship award from the Faculty of Arts & Science. It is a big, encouraging step for my academic career, and for my personal development. I will join the Department of Chemistry as an international student, originally from Spain, but having done most of my university degrees in Germany.  Closeup of a white man in a pink shirt smiling into the camera.

Moving now to Toronto will show me that science is a universal language, and I am eager to learn even more about it. I am particularly proud to see this postdoc project being awarded, as it is focused on the investigation of optical devices to improve the performance of solar cells. Scientific discovery should always have a positive impact on the environment, and I will work to accomplish this.  

From the very first contact with my supervisor Prof. Mark Wilson, I have felt great support and a clear guidance to design this project. I have a certain feeling that I will feel very welcome at their group, at UofT, and the city of Toronto as well. I am looking forward to starting the fellowship! 



Francis Buguis - Tran Group 

The Arts and Science Postdoctoral Fellowship Award will allow me to take the next step in my career as a chemist as I begin working with Professor Helen Tran. The project I will be undertaking revolves around the design and synthesis of conductive peptoid polymers, for applications in next-generation biosensors.  

Applied polymer research and engineering is a new area of research for me, and this project will widen the breadth of my expertise in materials chemistry. I am excited for the new challenges this research will present, and the opportunity to expand my knowledge under the guidance and mentorship of Prof. Tran. I look forward to learning from the current (and future) members of the group and I will work hard to pay this opportunity forward!


Junjie Yin -Kumacheva Group

A young Asian woman in a white blouse, with long black hair, poses in front of a vista of downtown Toronto, complete with CN tower.It is a great honor to receive the A&S Postdoctoral Fellowship, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for this recognition.

Being able to conduct polymer research in the Kumacheva group at UofT and work alongside many inspiring colleagues has been a rewarding experience, and I can't wait to continue exploring the endless opportunities that UofT has to offer.I look forward to the new chapter of learning, growth, and discovery, and I am ready to make the most of this amazing journey ahead.



Manoel Leonardo da Silva Neto - Miller Group 

A man in glasses poses in a lab filled with equipment. He is wearing a blue shirt, and has black hair, moustache and beard.I decided to apply for the Arts & Sciences post-doctoral fellowship to have a chance to implement the idea of laser ablation along with the power of Artificial Intelligence for detection of all types of diseases including cancer at even very early stages, where the possibility of recovery is highest. I am very familiar with lasers, and I have started learning about methods of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  

Throughout the A&S application process, I have enjoyed the support of Prof. R. J. Dwayne Miller, who warned me that it is not easy to win this award because of themany high quality applicants. Receiving this fellowship is an honor and emphasizes the importance of the project and the impact it will have in society. It also proves to me that I have advanced in my scientific career and gives me hopes in my pursuit of my academic inspiration of becoming a university professor.  

Receiving a postdoctoral fellowship from University of Toronto is a major step in my career as a researcher and it will open up many possibilities for future collaborations. My ultimate goal is to apply the experience I have gained at University of Toronto to build a better future for humanity in the world and in more specifically in my home country of Brazil. 

The prime criteria for A&S Postdoctoral Fellowships is demonstrated academic excellence and high potential for success in the applicant’s chosen field. More information on the Postdoctoral Fellowship program can be found on the A&S website, on their research support services funding page.