Our Faculty

An older white man smiling and leaning toward the camera from a seated position at a table.
Head shot of a white man with greying hair and glasses, speaking at a podium.
Head shot of a white woman with long, light-brown hair smiling into the camera.
John Polanyi
Prof. Jik Chin meets and speaks with Undergraduate Students at the event.
Photo of Prof. Geoff Ozin's posing with students, staff, and co-workers. They are holding balloons and signs saying "Happy Birthday"
University Professor Eugenia Kumacheva (left) and Professor Andre Simpson (right) are winners of this year’s American Chemical Society (ACS) National Awards.
Photo of Molly Shoichet
Cartoon photo: Someone looking at an Excel graph on the computer. The speech bubble says "Oh that's how you use Excel"
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