Our Alumni Mentors

Below are a few of our alumni mentors who will be volunteering for the 2023 Chemistry Graduate Mentorship Program


Richard Prokopowicz

Ozin Group ('89)

Richard has 20 years of experience in the Nuclear Industry. Previously having worked for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories as a research scientist, he is currently Senior Chemical Engineer for Kinectrics Inc.

Elizabeth Wilson

Kluger Group ('12)

Elizabeth is an analytical scientist at Treeline Biosciences, where she provides analytical support to the medicinal chemistry team. Previously, she has worked for Teva Pharmaceuticals in packaging and provided analytical support for process development at Amgen.

Katarina Vulic

Shoichet Group ('14)

Katarina has 8 years of experience in Technical R&D at Novartis Pharma AG. Interfacing with both research and development teams, she is responsible for characterization, preformulation, and setting the strategy for clinical service formulation strategy to enable candidate selection and progression from research to Phase 1 studies. She has experience across a broad range of disease areas and routes of administration. Additionally, Katarina is an active member of various networks at Novartis, including: the Biopharmaceutics Network; Pharmaceutical Development Innovation Committee; TRD Pediatric Network; and Data Quality & Automation.

Alistair Dias

Zamble Group ('09)

Alistair is an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Human Biology Program at the University of Toronto.He teaches a variety of 3rd and 4th year undergraduate courses in the Human Biology Program including lab courses and 4th-year lectures series courses (integrative medicine, biology of the human metallome). He takes part in pedagogical research and consistently doing course redesign and curriculum development.

Rohan Ravindranath

Thompson Group ('16)

Rohan has spent 5 years working in the healthcare industry, notably within the Business Development and Sales team at LifeLabs, and the COVID-19 response team at Ontario Health. He is currently wrapping up his MBA and Master of Science in Healthcare Quality at Queen’s University, after which he will be returning to work in the Canadian healthcare industry.

George Mandrapilias

Yates Group ('77)

A professional with a proven track record in business development, strategic planning, sales/marketing, investment and industry/public relations. George has worked with the gamut of companies from Small and Medium Enterprises to large Multinational Enterprises. Industries included: clean tech (renewables, water, bio-based chemicals), green industries (wind, solar, hydrogen, storage), chemicals, plastics, environmental/Climate Change and tool die and mold. He has been active in research, new business development, investment, and strategy development and implementation.  In Government, he was a senior advisor to Ministers and senior bureaucrats.

Saul Ship

Saul Ship

J.B Jones Group ('73)

Saul created and built a consulting business, assisting medical products companies to understand their markets and to introduce their products through product development strategy, competitive/market analysis and marketing strategy. He brings extensive experience in marketing, particularly with new product development and global market studies. 

Tim Clark

Manners Group ('07)

Tim has 13 years of experience in technology commercialization and business development at GreenCentre Canada. Tim works with the commercial and technical teams to ensure GreenCentre’s business operations are functioning effectively. He also plays a key role in developing and executing market strategies and plans. Tim produced and edited the recently published book “How to Commercialize Chemical Technologies for a Sustainable Future”.

Richa Chaudhary

Prosser Group ('08)

Richa is a team leader and seasoned project management professional with 13+ years of experience leading and directing a wide range of initiatives within the healthcare, government and research sectors. She specializes in stakeholder engagement and management, strategic planning, full life cycle project management, change and risk management, digital business transformation and advancing intelligent healthcare.

Andy Sinclair

Winnik Group ('86)

Andy is a retired Technology Executive with extensive experience in research & development and start-ups. He has a decade of experience in technology commercialization and has been the CEO of two successful start-ups. He lectured part-time in the Masters of Engineering Entrepreneurship program at McMaster University. 

Cindy Hu

Kluger Group ('09)

Cindy is currently Manager of Agile Program Management at Publicis Sapient. Previously, she was Director of Environmental Monitoring & Quality Control at AUG Signals, where she coordinated the development, production, marketing, and sales of a product line in online water quality monitoring and remote sensing as well as information management.

Milos Markovic

Murphy Group ('12)

Milos manages sales of analytical equipment, including stable isotope and gas concentration instruments, to customers in academia, government laboratories, and industry. His interests are in applying his extensive PhD-level research experience, and deep understanding of science and technology, to technical sales, business development, and project management opportunities.