Chemistry Graduate Mentorship Program

The Chemistry Graduate Mentorship Program was developed in response to the need identified by our graduate students for structured professional development and mentorship opportunities.

The program is designed to foster career development and pairs current graduate students with departmental alumni now working in professional capacities.

The Chemistry Graduate Mentorship Program provides one-on-one mentoring to Chemistry graduate students from departmental alumni. The 2024 program runs from March – December 2024 and mentors are expected to meet with their mentees monthly during this time.

NOTE: The 2024 Chemistry Graduate Mentorship Program will involve virtual meetings.

We're looking for mentors who are interested in:

  • Helping to set short-term learning objectives and short-term and long-term career goals
  • Recommending and/or creating specific learning or development opportunities
  • Transferring substantive knowledge related to your profession or field
  • Relaying and modeling the best practices, values, and culture within your field, including challenging aspects
  • Exploring career choices and opportunities
  • Introducing the mentee to other professionals in your field
  • Recognizing strengths and areas for development 


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