New year, new look for ChemClub

August 30, 2019 by Dan Haves

ChemClub is getting a new look! Not only have they launched a new website, but they've also unveiled a new logo. We spoke with new ChemClub president Iden Djavani-Tabrizi to talk about the new brand and the year ahead.

What are you excited about in 2019-20 for ChemClub? 

ChemClub is planning a lot of exciting things for the year 2019-20: we’re planning new events to welcome incoming grad students in September, more athletic and mental health-related events, and more involvement with our satellite campuses. We’re also continuing to provide the fun social events and fulfilling professional development events we are known for, and I’m really looking forward to everything.

What inspired you to take a leadership role with ChemClub? 

When I moved here from Ottawa to start my PhD, ChemClub events were an easy and fun way to make new friends and have fun in this new city. I was inspired to take a leadership role with ChemClub because I wanted to give back to this amazing community that has provided me with so many amazing experiences. Last year I served as treasurer on ChemClub and came up with a lot of ideas for events, as well as our behind-the-scenes operations. This department has a lot of great people to work with, and I knew that taking a leadership role would be a fun and rewarding experience, while allowing me to harness my management skills in a meaningful manner.

Any advice for incoming grad students on how to get involved with ChemClub and the various activities you put on?

Every Tuesday, I send out a weekly email with all the events we have coming up for the next month – it’s a quick and easy way to stay up to date and make sure you don’t miss a single event. Our events are usually either free or super cheap, and everyone is welcome! ChemClub also provides donuts – for free! – every Friday at 4 PM and that’s a great way to meet new people and learn about our upcoming events. In September, ChemClub will begin our store operations – where we sell lab manuals and lab supplies to undergraduate students – and we ask everyone to volunteer. Volunteering at stores is an easy way to make new friends and learn about ChemClub. We also encourage incoming grad students to think about joining the ChemClub Executive – we have two executive-at-large positions coming available in October, and every grad student is allowed to run.

Tell us about the new logo and the rebranding of ChemClub. 

Our new logo was designed by Jenise Chen from the Kelley lab – it features an Erlenmeyer flask and an organic molecule resembling the letters “CC” for ChemClub. During the logo updating process, we received five different submissions from department members and the entire department got to vote for their favourite design. For the last few years, ChemClub has been rebranding. We began offering professional development events, changed our store operations from cash-only to accept cards, and have been working with the student body more than ever to make sure that your desires as grad students are being fulfilled. Our new logo is a part of that rebranding, and I’m really excited about our new look!

2019-20 ChemClub Executive

Iden Djavani-Tabrizi

Calvin Chan

Mary Zhen

Store Manager:
Stephen Ho

Internal Events Coordinator:
Grace Wang

External Events Coordinator:
Monika Satkauskas

Professional Development Events Coordinator:
Zilin Zhou

GSU Representative:
Kirsten Yeung

Executive at large (May – Oct):
Alexandros Sklavounos
Stephanie Sebastiampillai